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SMART MOOC ความรู้แบบมืออาชีพที่สามารถใช้งานได้จริง : วิชาการ วิชาชีพ และวิชาชีวิต

What is CCDKM Smart MOOC?

Smart MOOC has its evolution since 2010 by CCDKM (Expertise Research Center in Communication and Development Knowledge Management : under STOU (Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University: the only unique public owned ODL (Open Distance Learning) University in Thailand to offer educational opportunity to all Thai people as well as other ASEAN member countries.

CCDKM is the co-founder of (the ICT Community Learning Center) since 2010 aims to Access ICT to all Thai people especially among all the marginalizes. Currently, Thailand has achieved its accessibility then go further for ICT Literacy and Utilization especially the HOW to use ICT for all betterments among all the marginalizes. Self-Learning from Digital contents via any accessible mobile devices is currently a huge demands among all the Thai people as well as ASEAN member countries.

This is the reason why CCDKM has been created this Smart Learning Platform for all especially among all the marginalizes:

Targets of CCDKM Smart MOOC

The main targets of Smart Learning Platform: by CCDKM are;

  • The marginalizes in Thailand and ASEAN Member Countries;
  • The general Thai and ASEAN citizen;
  • The academia as well as the development workers, the agencies who aim to offer as well as co-learning among all smart academies under the socialization and mobilization practices;
  • The local wisdom, the community, and the marginalizes themselves who have their heritage, best practices, and skills to share and even offer for their income generation.

Aims of CCDKM Smart MOOC

The Smart Learning Platform : by CCDKM and its partners from local and international agencies aims to make affordable and accessible academies to all people.   At this pilot phase of 2017, we focus on academies for any betterment among all the marginalizes.  But along the way, CCDKM and its partners also keep developing other smart academies for the general Thai and ASEAN people too such as the ASEAN Smart Farmer MOOC, the Smart Farmer MOOC, the Communicative English, etc.  Most of the academies will be served for free but some academies charge some small fee as its R&D study of Social Enterprise model.