MOOC, Learners Community, Technology and Collaboration

I moved back to Finland less than two years ago to continue with my studies. Master’s studies and thesis are now accomplished – Phew! Whilst studying I was trying hard to figure out how to put together the iron, technology and the pedagogy that goes with it.

First time I heard about MOOC was couple of years ago and my interest towards them and what they can offer has grown since.

really liked the idea of creating content in a MOOC, massive open online course. Since I’m passionate about education and technology, I figured that I can combine those two in an attempt to create a global online course.

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself in the process of developing the course:

  1. Why would you like to study and take part in a massive open online course?
  2. What would you benefit from learning with learners coming from different parts of the world?
  3. Do you think you could share your ideas and thoughts about education and generate great discussions and healthy debates?

To me learning and MOOC at its best mean global learners community and it improves when more learners join in and start working together, take responsibility of their own learning process and their online learning environment and community. We can learn when, what and where we want and have the best teachers on our fingertips! You just need your laptop, internet connection and a creative mind and learning environment to get inspired.

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